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Sapphire Gemstones

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Sapphire is the variety of species corundum, it occurs in all colours except red (red corundum is ruby). The name comes from the Greek word for blue 'sappheiros' and is the colour referred to when sapphire is mentioned by itself or written without any reference to colour. All other colours are termed 'fancy' where the actual colour appears as a prefix to sapphire, for example 'pink sapphire' The most desired blue sapphires are a richly saturated blue to violetish-blue colour, some are described as velvety blue. The colours range from the lighter 'Cornflower Blue' to the deeper 'Royal Blue', prime specimens are found in Kashmir, Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Sri Lanka. Larger stones are sort after by collectors and investors and occasionally appear in auctions selling at very high prices.

Padparadscha sapphires are the most prized of the fancy coloured stones, they have a range of pink-orange colours that resemble those of the lotus flower. Deposits of fine stones are found in Sri Lanka, where the name originates from the Sinhalese for lotus flower 'padma ranga' describing it's unique colours. Sapphires with similar padparadscha colours are found in Africa and Vietnam.

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