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Ruby Mill makes and retails gemstone jewellery using all types of gemstone and precious metals.

Some of the products are handmade in the UK, including cutting the gemstone and forming the precious metal.

The products are in two main categories, opal jewellery (including opal inlay jewellery) and coloured gemstone jewellery of other types.

The opals are cut in all shapes from regular ovals and triangles to totally freeform styles. To whatever shape displays there beautiful play of colour to best advantage, as patterns vary between stones and no two are exactly the same.

Opal inlays make attractive pendants and again each one has a different colour pattern.

Some of the coloured gemstones pendants are a one-off and others are in a more regular supply. There is a huge range of gemstones available on the gem market in all colours, shapes, sizes and types of cut. Colour is a personal preference and the market caters for all tastes.

The gold and silver used to make the products is of the highest quality. No filled gold, or plated gold product is used when making the jewellery. When a pendant is ordered without a solid gold chain, a gold plated display chain is used for mounting the pendant in the jewellery box for delivery.

Gemstone Guides

The Ruby Mill website contains a Gemstone Information Guide, to familiarise visitors with the properties of many varieties of gemstone. The guide covers most of the gemstones commonly used for jewellery.

A Gemstone Care Guide is also included, to advise on the suitable cleaning methods for many types of gemstone.

Business Details

Robert McDonagh
Trading as: Ruby Mill Jewellery

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Ruby Mill
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0844 846 6290
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9.00 - 5.00 GMT, Monday - Friday

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